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Change Log

  1. Now works with HTTPS!
  2. "Ajax" style comment posts for a smoother user experience.
  3. Localization for date descriptions.
  4. Better linkification.
  5. Users can now "like" comments.
  6. Added Twitter Bootstrap skin.
  7. Crowdsourced spam flagging.
  8. Gravatar support!
  9. Option to show comments from entire site in a single list.
  10. Can now set which webpage to display comments for (ie, use a single box for entire site).
  11. Visitors can subscribe to replies to their comments via email. (beta)
  12. IP address of comment submitters listed in account.
  13. Advanced switch to disable relative date strings.
  14. localized (mod) label.
  15. Now using silk icon set.
  16. New default skin called "simple".
  17. Email and website fields available.
  18. Cleaned up some of the default CSS. I suggest checking your site still displays the same.
  19. Can now close commenting on a page (ONLY display old ones) by setting an option.
  20. Account area is better organized.
  21. In your account, you may now also moderate received on all your sites.
  22. In your account, you may now view comments received on all your sites.
  23. The moderator's comments are now marked with the word "mod" in italics, so visitors cannot impersonate him/her as easily.
  24. New skin with rounded corners & shadows. Also, a skin chooser on the main page.
  25. Watermarked field labels.
  26. Fine tuned approval control, accessed from within your account.
  27. New option to ignore query strings in URLs (all pages with URLs only differing after the "?" will have the same comments).
  28. Optionally receive emails when you get a new comment.
  29. Publish RSS feed of comments.
  30. You can now pay to remove the htmlcommentbox.com link from your comment box.
  31. The copied code is now w3c valid xhtml 1.0.
  32. Clickable links.
  33. Performance improvements.
  34. More sensible default styles. (added some space around comment entries. Comment box textarea now fills horizontal space available)
  35. Rich text editor (experimental). [this has been disabled temporarily because of IE bugs.]
  36. Advanced comment form label customization.
  37. New, stricter malicious code euphemizer.
  38. You can now choose to approve comments before they're published.
  39. Control the number of comments shown per page.
  40. There's an optional profanity filter.
  41. Deleting comments is done via ajax so you don't have to reload the page each time.
  42. Added some anti-spam and anti-bot features added. Disclosing them would decrease their effectiveness, so I'll just let you know they exist and leave it at that.
  43. Older comments are separated onto pages, 10 comments per page.
  44. Date displaying has been improved (timezones caused inaccuracy previously).
  45. Visitors can now use <b>,<i>,<strong>,<em> tags in their comments.
  46. You can now choose whether show the date of submitted comments.
  47. place comment box at top or bottom of comments